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We are mates, have been forever.. We’ve been putting our hand to creative projects for as long as we can remember, everything from painting murals & making websites to playing in bands (Mike did a 4 week tour when he was 16! getting snuck in the back door of venues to play). When we found ourselves filming weddings for friends something clicked, and a long way down the track here we are… GoldBear-ing & loving it. Shooting weddings is great, it’s awesome meeting new faces making friends & spending such a huge moment with said friends.

Mike says: Rich is mad keen on bodyboarding, he recons he can ride a surfboard pretty good too, but just likes the underdog nature of riding a ‘booger’. He has a great wife & three awesome boys, 7, 4 & 1. He studied Vis Arts & Design and loves anything unique. You can find his paintings hung on only the coolest walls around the area, he smashes it with a camera & thinks outside the norm of videography. Rich lived in Melbourne after study where he played music & worked a dodgy bar job, then moved to London for a few years where he was obsessed with the underground music scene & spent every $ on gigs & travel.. before coming back here to Byron.

Rich says: Mike is a bit of a creative freak, I once witnessed him learn a new animation program, create a short animation film & score it with original music & SFX in under one week. One January Mike drove to Melbourne in a Datsun 120y to hang out, it needed the heater on to not overheat and only the left side of the stereo worked so he sung the second guitar parts..… solid effort. Mike also lived in London, we shared a floor, no time for furniture but we did buy sweet fold up bikes. Mike lives with his awesome wife & has a 3 year old son & a baby daughter & loves American football, he’s pumped because his team are currently the champs.



We feel super blessed to have such talented friends around us, if you would like a tip off on a DJ, band, photographer, celebrant, florist/stylist or makeup.. let us know cause we've got the pick for each of these & can point you their way.

Hey, congratulations! if you’ve read this far you’re most likely decided to get married, brilliant, we both feel it’s the best decision we’ve ever made. Get in touch we can’t wait to hear about your day.